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Real baltic amber

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About real baltic amber

Interested in stocking a large selection of wholesale real baltic amber products for your personal or retail inventory? Shop Alibaba.com to explore our catalog of suppliers offering a wide selection of beautiful wholesale real baltic amber.

real baltic amber have been highly coveted for jewelry for centuries. Experienced gemstone buyers understand that buying real baltic amber is safer than buying ones already set in jewelry. Today, there are over 100 types of colored real baltic amber on the market, each with their own defining characteristics. Choose from loose sapphires, loose emeralds, loose moissanite, loose natural diamonds, and more. real baltic amber are a great way to customize unique jewelry, or simply to collect as their value increases with time. Choosing a loose gemstone you like gives you the choice to create customized personal jewelry fit exactly to your taste. A loose emerald cut diamond is a great way to customize an engagement ring, or loose amethyst stones for a dazzling set of earrings.

real baltic amber are defined by carat, cut, clarity, and color. Carats define the weight of the gemstone. Different densities of different stones can affect the final size per carat. The cut refers to the shape of the gemstone. Various shapes can affect the overall style of the final piece of jewelry. Clarity is defined by the number of flaws in a stone. The fewer flaws, the closer to perfection the stone is. Finally, color is defined by the gem species. Our loose opals, loose sapphires, loose rubies, and loose turquoise stones are all great options for bolder color and jewelry.

Select from our vast supply of real baltic amber to supply your inventory. Shop on Alibaba.com and enjoy great deals.